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Philosophical conundrums – Good

How can “good” be a conundrum? Surely all humans would agree on the basic basket of characteristics reflective of that which we consider “good”? But what about capital G “Good”…? How much can we agree on what is Good? (for simplicity, let’s stick to using “Good” with a capital “G” to designate our all-encompassing version of what is right and appropriate with the world, versus…


How do “i” find God?

What is the “i”? If we search for ‘i’, we will do so with the mental framework built on our social framework – a pre-configured filter through which we assess all sensory input. Even a single image involves an immense stack of preconceptions and inumerable forms of bias. Simple points like colours can hold different significance depending upon your environmental and…


Free Will (y…)

Couldn’t help myself with that one. No, it is not a call to walk the streets unfettered by coverings of the groin. Nor is it a free plug for the whale movie.  Free Will is apparently something that occupies an enormous amount of global philosophical pondering-time. And so it should.  Are our actions (pre)determined or do we exercise some form…