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authenticity, it's such a nebulous concept

Seeking Status through Authenticity

To be immediately distinguished from, and contrasted to seeking “statis“, whether through it’s rhetorical and judicial interpretations or via it’s medical or dramatic definitions. In fact, especially against its dramatic form, as “a state or condition in which there is no action or progress; static situation: dramatic stasis”. Why start a thought on ‘status’ by pondering ‘statis’? Because statis is…




And sometimes there are times, when times just ask you to sit for some time, and not think but just be.

Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse from Kien Lam on Vimeo.


And other times you just want to smile.

Descartes suspended belief to gain a greater understanding of his world,

and by doing so, recognised that he existed while he was thinking. 

There can be times when achieving an understanding of existence is best obtained by going one step further,

and suspending thinking.

Just a thought.


Not Good

Is there any point arguing while the house is burning down? The United States political arena is often held up as a shining example of robust, passionate debate about issues that count. A living example of how a country should be and how active involvement ensures that the ‘will of the people’ is enforced. Robust democratic debate or just soapbox…