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Justice – A Philosophical Conundrum Justice. Sounds so damn easy… This is going to take a while, so probably best that you go pour yourself a very large container of a favourite beverage – maybe grab a snack or two – and settle down for a while to ponder the idea of Justice. Like Descartes, we are going to start…


The absurdity of representational government

Yesterday the temperature here in Perth reached 36.4°C. Vividly clear blue skies, a hot breeze and a scorching sun combined to create one of those magical ‘pre-summer’ summer days. Today, the sky is a hazy mix of light blue and wishy washy off-white, two dimensional clouds. The breeze is cool and the interplay between full sun and shadowed cloud cover…


The great conundrum of the Anarchy movement

The ideals of Anarchy are basically the ideals of Humanity : To provide an environment that caters for the need for individual expression To provide an environment free from oppression by institutional power groups To allow each person to enjoy the benefits of their working activities The conundrum is that each person IS an individual. We all have differing wants…