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Remember George Calin? He’s the stand-up guy that said we shouldn’t talk about the earth as though it needs help or needs us… he suggested that the Earth will do fine – if it needs a few million years and a global ice age to get rid of these pesky humans then it’ll get by… i love the concept whereby our own inflamed valuation of our worth suggests that the earth needs us… i know it is a tortured thread of thinking because you can just as easily suggest that the earth needs us to stop us from being us… but the idea doesn’t really change much for all of that…

All of this thinking was triggered by this amazing photo of an underground volcano continuing to do its thing, while we humans shuffle the deckchairs…

A magnificent picture of an underwater volcano

Aside from being a beautiful picture, it’s kind of scary, isn’t it?

And for those who aren’t familiar with George Carlin, here’s the YouTube video that came to mind when looking at this picture. For those with an environmental bent, it might be a bit hard to watch – but it really is worthwhile persisting, as there is a more philosophical message underlying the talk than is immediately obvious.

Diversity of thought can be a wonderful theme. As a by-the-by, this is clearly a side thought in the Still Thinking world, and hence we have the little wordplay in the title.

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