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How do “i” find God?

What is the “i”? If we search for ‘i’, we will do so with the mental framework built on our social framework – a pre-configured filter through which we assess all sensory input. Even a single image involves an immense stack of preconceptions and inumerable forms of bias. Simple points like colours can hold different significance depending upon your environmental and…


Religious Freedom – At What Cost?


There is a lot of controversy over a proposal to build a “mosque” in New York city near the site of the September 2001 New York Trade Centre bombing. If ever there was an argument fraught with opportunity for narrow-minded and partisan thinking then this is it. It involves religion, nationalist pride and hubris, international power plays, sound-bite argument and opinions…


And on the 7th day, Man created God


There is no attribute of God which is not either borrowed from the passions and powers of the mind, or which is not a negation. Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Infinity, Immutability, Incomprehensibility, and Immateriality, are all words that designate properties and powers peculiar to organised beings, with the addition of negations, by which the idea of limitation is excluded. An oft-quoted…