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How long before the US empire is auctioned off to the highest bidder?

Here’s a quote… have a read then ponder just what images, thoughts and outcomes it brings into your mind. “By helping to pull Iraq back from the edge, General Petraeus won a reputation as a resourceful, unorthodox commander and has since been mentioned as a candidate for  president.” This is one line from a half-page article on leadership changes in…


The absurdity of representational government

Yesterday the temperature here in Perth reached 36.4°C. Vividly clear blue skies, a hot breeze and a scorching sun combined to create one of those magical ‘pre-summer’ summer days. Today, the sky is a hazy mix of light blue and wishy washy off-white, two dimensional clouds. The breeze is cool and the interplay between full sun and shadowed cloud cover…