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How long before the US empire is auctioned off to the highest bidder?

Here’s a quote… have a read then ponder just what images, thoughts and outcomes it brings into your mind. “By helping to pull Iraq back from the edge, General Petraeus won a reputation as a resourceful, unorthodox commander and has since been mentioned as a candidate forĀ  president.” This is one line from a half-page article on leadership changes in…


Climate Change, stupidity and ridiculous argument

Apparently there remain people unconvinced about the reality of ‘climate change’. Apparently, they are stupid, ignorant, Republican or old, uneducated, uninformed and quite possibly uncouth. They have a title, graciously bestowed on them by the patronising ‘Believers’ in climate change – “Denialists”. Yes, it seems that refusal to accept whatever is meant by the term ‘climate change’ now delegates an…