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Justice – A Philosophical Conundrum Justice. Sounds so damn easy… This is going to take a while, so probably best that you go pour yourself a very large container of a favourite beverage – maybe grab a snack or two – and settle down for a while to ponder the idea of Justice. Like Descartes, we are going to start…


Is Anarchy going mainstream?

The unexpected and unintended consequences of the Global Financial Crisis continue to reverberate around the world. Trust and faith are diminished, and inidividuals are rebelling against the coercive powers of institutions and states. The website Wikileaks has brought one aspect of anarchy to the forefront of thinking globally. Questions of the rights and wrongs of individuals, states and institutions are…


Philosophical conundrums – Good

How can “good” be a conundrum? Surely all humans would agree on the basic basket of characteristics reflective of that which we consider “good”? But what about capital G “Good”…? How much can we agree on what is Good? (for simplicity, let’s stick to using “Good” with a capital “G” to designate our all-encompassing version of what is right and appropriate with the world, versus…