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Stink Politics. You can't handle the truth - the demagogues in our midst

Still Thinking about… the demagogue

Beware the demagogue Oh yes my friend, you should beware the demagogue in our midst. Is that statement a little too self-evident? Why the emphasis on what amounts to a stock-standard character in any developed world society? A demagogue should be overtly and starkly obvious to even the most cursory investigation so why am i being so tedious? For this…

Is mainstream media doing a good job?

Mainstream media fails again

The latest post attempted to provide a framework for assessing the role of mainstream media in setting the world-view of the individual. It also provided a vague example by looking at the standard reporting of events relating to the unravelling European “Debt Crisis”. However, the world we inhabit is not the full-stop at the end of history’s sentence. Hence within…

Media and news. What role in a modern society?


Despair – A deviation into mainstream OK. Let’s agree in advance that this is going to be a non-linear dissertation on our world-view as it is influenced by mainstream media. If you persist to the end, please add your comment, even if only to assist me in coalescing this ramble into a coherent thought. If mainstream media is a reflection of the…