Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

In reading this note you are validating, confirming and in complete agreement with the following terms:

  1. Any reference to references is an absolute confirmation of, and agreement to all references contained therein;
  2. Where a visit to this site is temporary or accidental then a conceded form of acceptance will be deemed authorised by your thinking conscious self;
  3. Any terms that conflict with legislation or current socially acceptable practise applicable in your place of residence will be deemed a reduced level of understanding on the part of society in which you live.;
  4. In making application for membership of an elite group of like-minded individuals there will inevitably be moments of reduced understanding or comprehension on your part. You are officially forgiven fro such inadequacies and may continue with your application;
  5. Any link contained within the form of application is deemed to be a reference to a link and under no circumstances should it be deemed a link to a reference;
  6. Having read to this point you are deemed to be in agreement with the concept that the operators of this site hold, are intitled to hold, and shall continue to hold – even in the face of quite daming evidence of the opposite – full authority to act in whichsoever manner may be deemed necessary to hold the appropriate authorities to act in such a way. This clause is conclusively exclusive and the negating of any other clause does not reduce the applicability of this clause even in the face of proof that it does not, in fact, hold such authority. And you like it that way. Yes you do.
  7. Under no circumstances can it be claimed that inebriation or an excess of red wine, vintage cheese and salty crackers were contributory factors to any aspect of negligence or inappropriate ness, stuff. Thingy. Like.
  8. Please start reading these terms from point (1) above and continue to do so until these terms fail to make sense, at which stage you may return to the appication form. You are ready, my paduan friend.

May the Force be with you.


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