Neither Academic nor the final word…

So much to ponder, and such a short lifetime in which to do so. ‘Tis why we are Still Thinking. As a by-the-by, one of the principles of the posts on this site is that posts should be predominantly unresearched. That is, they are discussion points and thinking pathways – not answers in themselves. A fun activity is to read a post, and then to research (for most folk, that means “Google”) the topic to identify more academically robust and authoritative commentary. Should you do so, feel free to comment, critique or criticise. You can do so by signing in to this site or by calling by the StillThinking Facebook page (username: iamstillthinking) or tweeting to the @_StillThinking Twitter account. These accounts are updated far more often than this blog, as they contain shorter articles or deal with more transitory, current issues.


Representative Democracy is not really very representative

Representative democracy means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? If 75% of a voting population do not vote for a particular outcome, is the outcome representative of the democracy? Representative Democracy in the USA Here is a look at representative democracy at work in the 2016 United States presidential election.   Representative Democracy and not…


Stink Politics – bring back Ostracism!

Stink Politics. “Stink Politics” isn’t a standard term, as any Google search will verify – but the idea behind the phrase does resonate, doesn’t it? Whatever your political ‘leanings’, you’ll identify with or recognise the concept of Stink Politics. While it could be argued that politics has always been a rocky, fiery and tumultuous road, my impression is that Stink…

Faulty thinking false dichotomy image by Mark Daynes from unsplash

Faulty thinking is rampant

Have you noticed how often debate relating to media articles on wages, labor, capital, productivity or social justice will quickly degenerate into calls of Socialist! /or Capitalist! It’s a slug-fest of faulty thinking. In any debate over complex issues, you would expect a watershed of nuance and thought. Subtle layers of complexity would be highlighted, analysed and set down as…

floating by Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

Music and my eulogy

Music and my eulogy – what music tells of me and my thinking. The me that i am I’m laying here, late at night, and all is dark and quiet. Or is it? The sound of an aircraft in the distance suggests otherwise. And lights play at the edge of my vision. The pure white of the modem with its…

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